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What we do

Tree Felling

We are able to fell trees whole given the space is sufficent to do so. If the space is limited and the tree needs to be removed completely then we shall climb the tree and dismantale it in appropiate sections to ensure the safety of properties and passing pedestrians.

Crown Reductions

A crown reduction consists of climbing the tree and selectivly removing branches to reduce the size of the canopy. This is a great way to minimize risks of snapped branches and limbs in strong winds or storms.

Deadwood Removal

Removal of dead wood is always recommeneded when ever some is identified. In doing so you restore the tree back to its former glory as well as returning it to a safe state.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is an on going task, as professionals we would normalily recommend a yearly or 6 monthly trim on most shrubs or hedges to retain the optimum shape and appearance.